Server virtualization and clustering solutions allow you to run multiple applications/operating systems independently on a single server, integrate disparate storage systems and enhance business continuity.


With CDW Healthcare solutions, hospitals can improve business responsiveness, continuity and disaster recovery; and ensure continuous uptime while delivering seamless failover protection.



Data Center Optimization Services

We can assess your current storage, server and networking configuration to determine how to best revamp your data center infrastructure to optimally align with current and future demands.

Power & Cooling Assessment

We thoroughly review key factors including your existing equipment, recent growth, future growth expectations, data storage capacity, redundancy, run-time, physical space limitations, ventilation, current cooling strategies, electricity costs and non-standard power requirements to ensure your data center upgrades meet your specific needs.

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With Citrix® desktop and application virtualization, IT can simplify operations and reduce costs by centrally managing, patching and updating desktop images and apps in the data center. Clinicians gain real-time access to clinical information, apps and desktops with a seamless, high-definition experience. Data remains secure within the data center, protected through such features as standards-based encryption, secure remote access, event logging and multi-factor authentication.

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