Malicious attacks, lost or stolen devices, internal data security breaches — the potential for data loss comes from multiple fronts. And the repercussions can be far-reaching.


CDW Healthcare can help you achieve a comprehensive DLP solution that improves data security regulatory compliance, provides greater data protection and helps prevent unauthorized data use.



DLP Assessment

With a CDW DLP risk assessment, we help you determine how sensitive data is currently being used and who needs to have access to it, and then match DLP enforcement to your security policy to ensure compliance.

Security Assessment

This encompasses mobile security, endpoint security, risk assessment and compliance/threat prevention. We’ll conduct a targeted security analysis and network review, design a tailored security solution based on assessment results, then configure and install those security components.

Wireless Network Assessment

The number of locations within a health system, the layout of each building, and user density are all key factors in designing a wireless network that can accommodate IT needs. CDW Healthcare will review this information to ensure you have the connectivity required to meet your data access requirement

Featured Resources

Featured Partner™ provides actionable insight into your security risks and where to focus. Gain intelligent visibility with the cloud-based vulnerability management platform built for today’s elastic IT assets  such as cloud, containers and web apps.

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