Laying the proper IT foundation for an EMR implementation is essential to meeting meaningful use requirements and providing real-time, secure patient data access at the point of care.


CDW Healthcare can recommend the right mix of products to support an EMR application within your enterprise’s unique IT environment.



PoC Assessment

We can evaluate your operating systems to make sure they can support EMR meaningful use requirements, determine what POC technology fits your needs, and address security and storage requirements to protect patient data.

Wireless Network Assessment

The number of locations within a health system, the layout of each building, and user density are all key factors in designing a wireless network that can accommodate IT needs. CDW Healthcare will review this information to ensure you have the connectivity required to meet your data access requirement

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Fujitsu scanning solutions enable healthcare professionals to quickly capture, input and leverage critical patient data for increased productivity across the organization. Whether digitizing insurance cards and HIPAA forms at reception or performing file conversion in the back office, Fujitsu scanning solutions integrate with EMR systems for data accessibility, searchability and seamless workflow.

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