Medication administration solutions like Positive Patient Identification (PPID) and Medication Identification (MedID) use barcodes to improve patient safety and quality of care across healthcare organizations.


CDW Healthcare can help you leverage medication administration technology to reduce medical errors, support the patient Rights of Medication Administration and boost staff productivity.



Cart Configuration

Carts are assembled and fully installed with cabling, attachments and devices such as notebook,thin client,terminal, LCD monitor and accessories so they arrive ready to roll.

PoC Assessment

We can evaluate your operating systems to make sure they can support EMR meaningful use requirements, determine what POC technology fits your needs, and address security and storage requirements to protect patient data.

Wireless Network Assessment

The number of locations within a health system, the layout of each building, and user density are all key factors in designing a wireless network that can accommodate IT needs. CDW Healthcare will review this information to ensure you have the connectivity required to meet your data access requirement

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Honeywell has the expertise needed to help hospitals solve their toughest data collection challenges. Honeywell’s innovative healthcare scanners with disinfectant-ready housings are designed to allow healthcare professionals to execute the “5 Rights” of patient safety while minimizing the risk of spreading infectious diseases. From hands-free resident workflows with Honeywell AccuNurse, process improvements, voice data capture, greater resident care and enhanced care, learn how the scanners, printers and mobility products keep healthcare medication administration in check.

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