Physical security using the latest video surveillance and access controls can help ensure facility-wide protection for your hospital, people and resources.

How IT Works

CDW Healthcare helps ensure you have the right physical security components to streamline user authorization, help reduce security breaches and integrate video surveillance with building security.





Assessments provide the foundational support for an effective IT strategy. Our technology specialists consult and collaborate with your IT team to evaluate your legacy infrastructure and help ensure it can scale to meet changing technology requirements.

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We can customize your technology solutions to your precise specifications in CDW’s Configuration Centers — from simple installations and device activation to highly complex network operation system installation and enterprise configurations.

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Our installation services ensure your new technology is up and running as fast as possible. An engineer can be onsite to help you with all facets of installation, making sure your technology is connected and working properly, and that all components are talking to your network.

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Hosting and Managed Services

Efficient and economical, we can protect your operations with a full range of hosting and managed services, whether your technology is located at your premises (remote) or in our Enterprise Hosting Center.

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Product Lifestyle Support

If you’re resource-strapped, CDW Healthcare can offer your hospital’s IT team extra support through onsite staffing and training. We can also help protect the lifespan of your technology with maintenance agreements and, when the end is near, provide proper asset disposal.

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Axis network cameras enable remote patient monitoring for immediate evaluation and prioritization of patient alarms. You also benefit from remote learning capabilities, where students and staff can follow advanced operations in HDTV quality. Plus there are options with one-way and two-way audio for patient monitoring, exam and interview rooms and other applications. Easy to install and use, an Axis IP surveillance system delivers high-quality video that takes you far beyond security.

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