Today’s healthcare environment is more competitive than ever. Hospitals are doing everything they can to differentiate themselves and entice patients to choose their facility. This includes adopting technology to help improve the patient experience, in order to increase patient satisfaction and generate positive word of mouth. Bedside infotainment technology is increasing in popularity both to address patient satisfaction needs and help improve the patient-physician dialogue.

So, just what is bedside infotainment? It’s a technology solution that combines a computer, television, telephone and nurse call button into a single smart terminal or mounted AV screen, right in the patient room, at the patient’s side.

Bedside Infotainment Image

And what does combining these technologies accomplish? Here are just a few of the features patients can access on these all-in-one devices:

  • Internet
  • Video games
  • Television
  • Movies on demand
  • Videos
  • Music/radio
  • Telephone or video chatting with friends and family
  • Educational materials
  • Meal ordering
  • Light and temperature controls

And when this technology is connected to health information systems like EMRs, electronic prescribing, PACS and CPOE, it becomes a valuable clinical tool for physicians, nurses and other care providers. With just the tap of an RFID badge or the press of a thumb, authorized clinicians can gain convenient, instant and secure access to the most up-to-date patient data for more accurate, timely patient care.

In our latest white paper we discuss not only these benefits, but the underlying technology components that support bedside infotainment and make its success possible. Download Elevate the Patient Experience to find out how bedside infotainment can help you accomplish this goal.

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Infotainment Elevated. Learn how this all-in-one tool can help streamline care and improve the patient experience

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