Today’s modern patient has high standards, especially when it comes to patient engagement through technology. As individuals living within the healthcare realm day-to-day, you try to appease their needs as often and efficiently as possible. But where is this falling short? One study found 30-50% of arriving patient and visitors still find themselves lost inside of hospitals. As patients, we all know the frustration of wandering through an unknown building looking for a specific room, with a quickly impending appointment giving you anxiety. And of course, this results in a direct negative impact on a hospital’s satisfaction ratings.

In today’s value-based care environment, technology plays a crucial role in helping raise levels of patient satisfaction and ensuring a more comprehensive, connected and engaged experience. It’s all about the convenience for patients and visitors, and visual communication is integral. Whether helping explain a diagnosis to a patient, or assisting loved ones to navigate the hospital, digital displays, and other visual media speed information when and where it needs to be shared.

These days, 95% of IT executives view health IT as a strategically critical tool to help healthcare organizations be successful, especially in their patient care-focused efforts, and it’s clear it has become essential throughout the patient journey – from admission to discharge. With these new technologies, healthcare organizations can reap a number of benefits, such as:

  • Alleviate patient stress. Technologies like portals and kiosks that help make things easier for patients, whether navigating the hospital, checking in, or accessing information from home, reduce worry and help improve patient engagement by fostering a better relationship inside and outside of the facility.
  • Create a collaborative care environment. Enabling clinicians to share information in real-time with one another and with patients makes for a more connected, holistic care conversation.
  • Improve enterprise-wide communication. By leveraging technologies that can instantly exchange messages across the enterprise, it keeps staff and patients more informed and up-to-date.
  • Increase chances for positive patient reviews. If patients feel that technology helped make their experience better, there’s a greater chance they’ll rate their experience favorably.

Clarity is crucial to modern care and displaying directions and information throughout a hospital can help ease the stress your patients find when walking into a new building. You can improve your engagement solutions with digital signage, wayfinding technology, patient portals and many other patient-friendly technologies to integrate communication and messaging across your healthcare organization.

As your healthcare system expands to meet the needs of a growing patient base, your technology must keep pace. It’s time to join the 60% of providers that say improving patient engagement is a top priority at their organization.

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