In today’s digitized world, it’s no surprise that even in the senior care and home health arena, seniors are demanding technology access. From a provider perspective, clinicians and caregiving staff in senior care communities are constantly on the move and also in need of technology tools that can keep pace.

With the plethora of options to choose from, selecting the mobile solutions that best fit your community can feel extremely overwhelming. So, how can you be sure to choose the right mobile technology approach for your senior care organization? Follow these four steps:

Acquire IT: Choose and manage your smartphone, tablet and other mobile devices wisely.

The payoff can be tremendous in enabling your staff with critical resident information at their fingertips in order to:

  • Make informed care decisions
  • Work more efficiently and productively
  • Collaborate with other staff and clinicians
  • Better coordinate care transitions with hospitals, residents and families
  • Engage meaningfully and responsively with residents

Connect IT: Embrace mobility with an eye for integration in order to achieve success. That means considering Wi-Fi and other key technology infrastructure to accommodate resident access as well as when integrating a new EMR solution.

Mobility can help your community with new opportunities to:

  • Coordinate workflow, resident care and transitions
  • Engage residents and help them stay connected to their family and social network
  • Collaborate with colleagues and clinicians inside and outside your community
  • Communicate with clinical and administrative colleagues, patient care partner organizations, residents and residents’ families.

Mobilize IT: As your staff members start to rely on technology to deliver resident care, they increasingly expect to use it right at the point of care, whether it’s the tablet they’re making notes on or the smartphone they’re helping residents use to connect to their families.

And by enabling more face time with caregiver staff, point-of-care technology will improve:

  • Resident and staff communication
  • Strengthens one-on-one connections
  • Boosts resident satisfaction

Service IT: Find a provider that understands the challenges your organization faces when it comes to the daunting task of implementing and updating technology and take advantage of technology services.

The right partner knows how to work expertly with your team to assess your needs, select and implement the best solutions and support you with the services you need to keep your technology secure, functioning seamlessly and backed up.

Need a step-by-step guide? Take a deeper look at our eBook Senior Care on the Move: The Right Mobile Technology Approach to support more informed decision making, increase staff productivity and collaboration and enhance resident care, safety and satisfaction. Also, explore more details on each of the key technology on our Senior Care Tech page.

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